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اثر شرمن الکسی از انتشارات افراز - مترجم: سعید توانایی-داستان علمی تخیلی

The journey for Flights young hero begins as hes about to commit a massive act of violence. At the moment of decision, he finds himself shot back through time to resurface in the body of an FBI agent during the civil rights era, where he sees why Hell is Re driver, Idaho, in the 1970s. Red River is only the first stop in an eye-opening trip through moments in American history. He will continue traveling back to inhabit the body of an Indian child during the battle at Little Bighorn and then ride with an Indian tracker in the nineteenth century before materializing as an airline pilot jetting through the skies today. During these furious travels through time, his refrain grows: Whos to judge? and I dont understand humans. When finally, blessedly, our young warrior comes to rest again in his own life, he is mightily transformed by all he has seen.

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I do not think this is a book of hate (towards any race) but a book about self acceptance. Alexie has a sardonic sense of humour, a biting tongue, but also combines this with compassion in his stories. This story is really no different than his other works, even if in this particular novel he is heavy handed with some stereotypes. Stereotypes are real folks, not in the idea that all people fit their stereotypes but that they exist. I think that is what I felt him demonstrating here--people feel stereotypes especially the ones directed at them. Alexie writes in a way that you can share his characters pain. I feel what they feel. I can relate to them. I am them for a time. It is why as soon as I pick up one of his books, I cant put them down.

Fifteen year old Zits is in foster care, going from home to home. The police know him well, sadly because people in authority treat the kid like crap with the exception of one police officer. His pain stemmed from his mothers death and the father that abandoned him. So many heart wrenching memories have left this young man with a huge chip on his shoulder and rightfully so. However, it imprisoned him to a life of loneliness and misery. His inability to accept himself causes him to reach out for the acceptance of others and simultaneously prove himself unworthy of peoples friendship. It causes him to feel lot of anger, resentments, and internalize that he deserved a life of pain.

Then one day he is given a chance to live the lives of others throughout history. To feel what they feel and be what they are. This understanding leads to understanding of all those that have passed through his life, the good people, the bad ones, the entirety of his own being. I loved it because it showed that the way others treat us is not the reflection of ourselves but the reflections of those individuals.

Alexie is bold which makes the realness/authenticity feeling of this novel exceptional. So is his message. I wonder how he can write something so meaningful yet write it so simply? As an author he is both a truth teller and story teller, a powerful combination that has the profoundness to change the world one paperback at a time (in my humble opinion).

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I love Sherman Alexies writing and have heard him speak on a radio program--what a loving, funny, open-hearted person. If youve ever read any of his short stories, you know how he can weave humor into seemingly dire situations. I cant wait to have a full week where I can read this new addition to his collection.

OK! Ive read it and WOW. It only took me about 5 hours in total. Fast-paced and raw, this book was a roller-coater ride through not only history, but the life of the beloved @[email protected] teenaged main character who ended up stealing my heart. This is a great book, and as you can see by my expectant review above, I knew it would be. There is something about being an adult that often allows us to forget completely about what it is like to be a teen. Maybe its the pain. Maybe its the heartache, but as someone who is dedicated to helping young people survive the torture that can be the American high school, I do believe that this book is one that touches on those years with reality, heart and integrity...while also, and this is the beauty and talent of Alexie, illuminating the historical and current struggles of an oppressed nation and culture. Wonderful read. Worth more than 5 hours. I literally laughed and cried out loud. Buy it, borrow it, read it.

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At first novel seemed so promising. Unfortunately there were several disturbing things that prevented me from enjoying it. Sherman Alexie tackles the issue of racism against Native Americans which of course I applaud. Unfortunately, in too many ways stereotypes are simply reinforced. Most of the Native Americans in this novel are either killers or alcoholics. There are no positive characters to balance them out.
At the same time, when describing white people he often uses adjectives like @[email protected], @good [email protected] Women ( always blond and blue eyed) are either @[email protected] or not hot.
Most disturbing of all is one of the leading characters time traveling incarnations as a pilot giving flight lessons to a Muslim terrorist who he thought was his best friend. The terrorist friend is from Ethiopia umm...Ethiopia is a predominantly Christian country. Up to now there have been no acts of terror committed by any of Ethiopias Muslim minorities.
This little sub plot served no purpose in the story whatsoever except to further perpetuate racial stereotypes and Islamphobia

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Highly recommended, especially for younger (high school) readers.

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If you havent discovered Sherman Alexi yet, I suggest starting now. I would start with the @Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time [email protected] And then I would pick up this book and lose yourself in it for about a 24 hour period. It is a short read, but filled with life lessons of understanding your past so that you can better understand yourself in the present. Zits is a 15 year old foster kid who has moved from home to home, staying somewhere sometimes for less than a few hours. He is part American Indian and part Irish, though his Indian father left before he was born so he is not identified as Indian on his birth certificate. His Irish mother dies when he is six from breast cancer. Zits is in and out of jail as much as he is in and out of new foster homes. This book takes place at a cross roads for zits. He can either continue on his destructive path or take a different one. He comes to choose his path by traveling in time to inhabit different people at different times of the century. He experiences war, crime, and hatred in many forms, and through these pasts comes to a deeper understanding of what he is willing to let go of to hang on to what he really needs in his life. I gave the book four stars because it wraps up just a little too nicely at the end, but otherwise I recommend it!

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